Rebecca Chambers [Human High-Light Film] [Resident Evil]

Rebecca Chambers is a main character in the heorine game of “Resident Evil” however, this cute and jolly nurse has certainly got her fans. But, in the world of parody, this is actually a reference to the way this cute girl will be sucked by a large crowd of sexual predators! Don’t worry, there’s a bit of excitement and intrigue is also present since it is RE after all!

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A SAO Book Drawn by a Man Driven

You will see two bosomed lesbians having a blast on a massive bed. It all starts very innocently with simple kisses. They've been fighting with their husbands, and they are both really hot. They want to be a team, but need some help. One girl decides to be the first to do so and offer her friend a blowout. She puts her hands in the pants of the other girl, and starts to finger her pussy. The two girls quickly begin to moan from joy, and she's an expert in this. The first girl starts to kiss her friend's mouth using her fingers.

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Gwen Glory Fuck hole Creampie

This is a brief, sarcastic, but fun parody comic about hentai. It takes your favourite carton characters from the "Ben 10" series and puts them in a unique scenario. A skinny chick discovers a hard-working cock stuck through the glory hole of a bathroom cabin. She takes it out as if there's no tomorrow! Gwen Tennyson is clearly the skinny chick, but who is the owner?

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Trainer-dex Chp.1

Busty Misty loves being peaceful on the beach. She is a sunbather and loves swimming. Misty decides that she should swim a little bit. There's a swell there. Misty moves closer and tries to assist the fashion plate. He then opens his eyes and grabs the dress of Misty and holds her in his hand. In a single motion the fashion plate tears the girl's garment off to expose her youthful and juicy breasts. Misty is not embarrassed for some reason, but is astonished by the swell. Absolutely, Misty should fuck immediately.

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[Dockleaf] Lady Dimitrescus Secret (Resident Evil)

This is the rarest of all rare opportunities! Take the time to look through Alcina Dimitrescu's private collection of photos! You're probably aware of who this gorgeous lady is in the event that you haven't played "Resident Evil Village" but if you have, then you'd like to see her posing in lingerieor having some sexually sexy fun. This is precisely what private photo collections are for!

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Sherry, Jake and their adventures in “Resident Evil 6” The three of them have been spending many hours together. It’s no surprise that they made the decision to have an affair. What they didn’t realize is that Umbrella Corporation is constantly watching them, and that their tiny secrets could be employed against them in the most sinister ways. Are you up for some serious action?

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BODY HAZARD 2 Fudeoroshi Jusei Hen (Resident Evil) [English]

A journey through strange and grim looking castles when you are one of the main characters in "Resident evil" storyline can end in the same way, sooner or later you'll be facing some big and ugly monster! This time, it will be something different. Rebecca Chambers, a adorable doctor, will have to face not only a monster , but also a monster cock. It's not the only one!

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Jill Valentine [Human High-Light Film] [Resident Evil]

This alternate story to “Resident Evil” shows Jill Valentine that there are worse things than killing an entire group of zombies. It is to be a loyal toy for the Umbrella Corporation perverts! There will be lots of fuckingand shooting (if we know what we are talking about) will take place within and around Jill Valentine.

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[DangerousBride] Her irresistible rookie (Resident Evil)

Leon was chasing Ada from the very first time he has seen her and from that moment on for some of RE fans their relations were even more interesting than all that background with zombies and viruses and evil corporations. Are you one of such fans? Then you are definitely going to enjoy this parody comics in which Leon and Ada’s relations finally got the logical final!

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[Kinkymation] Sanguis Virginis [English]

Anyone who is a victim in the castle of Lady Dimitrescu will face many horrors however only the most strong will be able to overcome all of them. Only the most powerful can defeat all three of Lady Dimitrescu’s daughters all at once! One thing is for certain it’s the parody comic of hentai which means that “defeating” will be quite exciting.

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