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Jill Valentine [Human High-Light Film] [Resident Evil]

This alternate story to “Resident Evil” shows Jill Valentine that there are worse things than killing an entire group of zombies. It is to be a loyal toy for the Umbrella Corporation perverts! There will be lots of fuckingand shooting (if we know what we are talking about) will take place within and around Jill Valentine.

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[DangerousBride] Her irresistible rookie (Resident Evil)

Leon was chasing Ada from the very first time he has seen her and from that moment on for some of RE fans their relations were even more interesting than all that background with zombies and viruses and evil corporations. Are you one of such fans? Then you are definitely going to enjoy this parody comics in which Leon and Ada’s relations finally got the logical final!

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[Kinkymation] Sanguis Virginis [English]

Anyone who is a victim in the castle of Lady Dimitrescu will face many horrors however only the most strong will be able to overcome all of them. Only the most powerful can defeat all three of Lady Dimitrescu’s daughters all at once! One thing is for certain it’s the parody comic of hentai which means that “defeating” will be quite exciting.

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Dimitrescu Cum Factory – Siriushorn – english

The thrilling horror of the past can be transformed into a thrilling adventure. All you need to do is change just one small detail – just make large and curvy millf vampire Alcina Dimetrescu from “Resident Evil Village” to crave not bloodbut for sperm and at this very moment her gruesome dungeons will transform into cum factories , and will be every fan’s desire!

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[Kannel] Insta-Cosplay: Dimitrescu

The city holds an annual cosplay event. A group of friends decide to be like vampires. One girl dresses up as Lady Alcina Dimitrescu. It’s not a good idea to mimic vampires since no one knows the curses that can befall girls who are clones of Alcina Dimitrescuor her daughter. They should be aware of the negative consequences of such a risky choice. Let’s start by reading the comic and see what happens in the future.

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Biohazard Village

The most dangerous monsters in Resident Evil Universe are going to clash each other here and now. You will meet a massive and muscular Mr X in one side of an improvised ring, and a surprisingly strong, but equally quite hot looking Lady Dimetrescu in the other! Don’t even turn around because this violent and intense fight will be straight from the first page!

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COBALT DELPHINIUM [Kesshoku Mikan] [Resident Evil]

There have been a lot of terrifying and mysterious events during “Resident Evil: Revelations”. However the fact that you have a group of hot women dressed wearing sexy outfits just doesn’t be that bad. And there were also several exciting and joyous moments. As an example, this is the story of Jill and Chris even though there was no any other people about…

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Baby, It\\’s Cold Outside [AHM] [Resident Evil]

The relations between Sherry Birkin and Wesker Junior have appeared from their battles on the field during their outnumbered war against what remains of Umbrella Corporation. But if in the offical videogame , there were no clues and thoughts our comics will provide a more detailed account They certainly had a great sex! It’s finally your turn to get it!

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B.O.W And Human Crossbreeding Experiment Report

The Umbrella Corporation is known for its research into death and life. If the death story is obvious from the numerous videogames in “Resident Evil” and “Resident Evil,” then the argument for life isn’t. Because life is sex and the question of life can only be fully examined in the pages of hentai comics! Be prepared – it’s going to be a bit rough for Jill this time!

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RESIDENT Wish [Kashiwa-ya] [Resident Evil]

Jill Valentine wore a tight latex battlesuit throughout “Resident Evil”, so it was only a matter of the time that a hentai parody of her wearing this sexy outfit will be produced. You’ve probably guessed it, now is the time! See the way Chris is going to test her co-star’s suit once he has discovered the secret behind her outfit!

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