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[DangerousBride] Her irresistible rookie (Resident Evil)

Leon was chasing Ada from the very first time he has seen her and from that moment on for some of RE fans their relations were even more interesting than all that background with zombies and viruses and evil corporations. Are you one of such fans? Then you are definitely going to enjoy this parody comics in which Leon and Ada’s relations finally got the logical final!

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[Kinkymation] Sanguis Virginis [English]

Anyone who is a victim in the castle of Lady Dimitrescu will face many horrors however only the most strong will be able to overcome all of them. Only the most powerful can defeat all three of Lady Dimitrescu’s daughters all at once! One thing is for certain it’s the parody comic of hentai which means that “defeating” will be quite exciting.

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Dimitrescu Cum Factory – Siriushorn – english

The thrilling horror of the past can be transformed into a thrilling adventure. All you need to do is change just one small detail – just make large and curvy millf vampire Alcina Dimetrescu from “Resident Evil Village” to crave not bloodbut for sperm and at this very moment her gruesome dungeons will transform into cum factories , and will be every fan’s desire!

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COBALT DELPHINIUM [Kesshoku Mikan] [Resident Evil]

There have been a lot of terrifying and mysterious events during “Resident Evil: Revelations”. However the fact that you have a group of hot women dressed wearing sexy outfits just doesn’t be that bad. And there were also several exciting and joyous moments. As an example, this is the story of Jill and Chris even though there was no any other people about…

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